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A software experience that's simple and efficient

Some of Title XI's advantages

More than your ordinary software company, Title XI delivers unprecedented flexibility in business. Now, you can easily manage comprehensive tasks outside the office, and in a manner that's convenient.

Flexible Design

Title XI offers flexibility and efficiency with easy-to-use, responsive software for bankruptcy trustees and professionals.

Happy Customers

We've been pleasing customers since 2011. Contact us to see why so many have made the switch to TXI.

Exceptional Support

Our 24/7 customer support and in-depth training ensures that your office operates efficiently.

We Grow with You

Your success is our #1 priority. We come alongside you with outstanding software you can count on.

Feature Rich Software

Case management software that makes a difference
Intuitive 341 Module

Allows you to prepare, review and conduct meetings from any handheld device (includes iPad, Windows tablet and Android-based devices).

Document Management

Introducing a ground-breaking system that provides sophisticated document management capabilities, featuring unlimited storage and file sharing. Offering integration with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Corel Word Perfect and Adobe PDF.


You can access Title XI software from multiple online browsers, without delays or complications. Helps you manage business whether in a courthouse, on the road, at the house, or even on vacation.


Take advantage of a rich calendar interface, managing dates, reminders and task assignment, document requests, email generation, etc.


Have a custom report? We can create and implement your custom report without interruption to your workflow.

SOC Compliant

Innovation has been our mantra. To adhere to SOC compliance, we've discovered new possibilities with cloud based services and the latest in technology.

An Executive Summary on Security

In offering the next generation of bankruptcy case management software, we are responsive to the need for high level security as sensitive data is exchanged between the Trustee, the debtor and debtor attorney, the claimants, the vendors, our banking partners and the courts. Title XI is a Software as a Service (SaaS) hybrid cloud application where all case management functions and documents are located at Title XI's data center and accessed through your devices.

Cloud Based Security

Cloud based applications offer significant advantages in terms of costs, maintenance and sustainability. For example, software updates and changes can be performed on one server instead of pushing to each trustee office over the internet. We've come to offer increased application stability and data integrity with our hybrid cloud application through our systematic approach to security.

Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates

A crucial aspect of Title XI's service security involves safeguarding case management information; financial information related to the case and case disposition information. All communications between the Trustee's devices and our web servers are encrypted using the standards set forth by the Office of the United States Trustee.

Protected Access

Access to our bankruptcy case management application is protected, maintaining the Trustee's sole right to allocate roles and privileges within. This access is tightly managed similarly to that of well-known banking web applications.

Document File Management

All documents are stored, accessed and synchronized in a fully secure cloud file storage solution. With the Trustee's unique credentials, the Title XI application is then issued a unique access token, allowing it to act on the user's behalf.

Application Servers

Our servers are isolated from virtual neighbors and network security is ensured by the host provider to keep out unwanted access to the data storage. Uptime, redundancy and disaster recovery expectations are set by our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with our host provider, and is available upon request.

Banking Functionality

All transaction communications between the application and our banking partners are encrypted to AES-256 standard according to the banking partnership Service Level Agreement (SLA).

As the use of cloud based computing increases, Title XI offers robust security solutions for carrying out the complexities of bankruptcy case management. By centralizing the storage and access of trustee case data on remote servers, layering secure communication among all points of access, reducing operating risk and simplifying the process of securing data and communications, Title XI and its partners ensure maximum flexibility and effectiveness in case management.

About Us - Behind the Company

Title XI is an advanced technology company that provides software to Bankruptcy Trustees. Our methodology is second to none, creating the finest and most advanced software for businesses in the industry.

Based out of Irvine, California, our mission is to support and help grow your business. We focus on increased efficiency and productivity which translates to better profitability and lower overhead costs. Through state-of-the-art design, our software allows trustees to manage entire case-loads, bank accounts, appointments, emails and even file sharing.

We bring a fresh perspective to a dry market, offering trustees a smarter and more lucrative way to manage business. This is case management at its finest, coupled with in-depth administration benefits that save time and money.

Our team is comprised of leaders, trend-setters and goal-oriented achievers. Had it not been for the Title XI team, none of this would be possible.

Account Management

Our team has partnered with Pati McKinney of TrustEAssistance for bankruptcy case account management services and customer support. Pati has led our customer service team to greatness. With over 25 years of industry experience, Pati has helped create an awesome customer service response rate and a top notch level of expertise for Title XI's trustees.